"Zac, you were great. Your professionalism is inspiring and your magic truly is amazing. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!"
Rina Nahdar
Private Event Client
"I love how he engaged the audience and got all of the kids excited."
Jessica Hampton
Elementary Dean of Students, Hesperia Christian School
"Very current and upcoming entertainment for [the] student body, great interaction with [the] students and so much fun to watch."
Sally Orlando
Secondary Dean of Students, Hesperia Christian School

Who is Zac Swan?

Zac Swan is a magician, actor, and singer. Captivating diverse audiences since the age of 8, Zac now performs for a wide array of venues in Southern CA, where he enjoys sharing joy and connection through magic and theatre. Zac is a featured Junior member and bi-monthly performer the Magic Castle in Hollywood as well as appearing at the Las Vegas Laugh Factory.

Zac in the News