The JLB Deck

This app is a complete tool to work along the JLB Deck Created by JeanLuc Bertrand, the app was brought to your phone by genius magician and developer Jonathan Levit Linked to a NFC a cheap inserted in the Tuck Box it will allow to realize amazing effects AND connect with your audience in a very modern, subtle way. The JLB App will allow you make a magic trick happen in your spectator’s phone.

replica audemars piguet perpetual calendar are excellent and inexpensive! swiss grade rm59 01m white ceramic green skeleton dial m8215.

Available on iOS and Android

3 Magic Effects

  • SMS DIVINATION – via the app you can secretly obtain any person’s phone number.
  • CARD PREDICTION – a prediction is sent you your spectator’s phone…
  • ACAAC – Any Card At Any City – This is the most innovating Magic Effect coming into your phone… Any card thought will appear in an post from your instagram account happening in any major city in the world… also thought by the spectator.

  • This app and amazing effect took almost 2 years into the development. NO FORCE at all will be used to make that miracle happen. The spectator is free to choose any card at all, naming any major city in the world and the device will generate a genuine video, taking place in that precise city the audience mentioned.
    The video is then integrated directly in your instagram account and can be seen immediately by your spectator, in his own phone. 

Social Networking

  • CONNECT INSTANTLY – by using the JLB App via your JLB Deck, you can share all of you personal details directly into your audience’s personal phone.
    • WAVE AND SHARE – By simply waving your deck over any device, you will share your details contactless
    • Easily share your contact details
    • Never print a business card ever again
    • Make a great first impression


    Coming Soon