Emcee & Host

Whether it’s interviewing your executive on stage or simply being the glue that binds an event together, I bring my experience as an emcee, host and event producer to keep your audience engaged, enthralled and receptive to your message. 

I’ve been performing  magic ever since I was a little kid with my  television and entertainment career spanning over 40 years.

I’ve appeared on stages around the world, worked with a long list of Fortune 100 companies, and im a renowned magic creator and consultant for television and film.

what does all this mean to you?

It means that when you hire me, you are hiring the sum total of all that experience. I create memories that are lasting.

And we, are going to make your event amazing.

Magic Consultant

As a magic consultant. he taught Jack Davenport to do magic on “FLASHFORWARD” (ABC), David Duchovny on “THE X-FILES” (FOX), Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, and Isla Fisher in “NOW YOU SEE ME” (SUMMIT), and Steve Carell, Alan Arkin, and Olivia Wilde in “THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE” (New Line Cinema). He continues to consult on a variety of television shows and films.

Producer. Magician. Actor. Host

Jonathan Levit wears many hats within the entertainment industry. He is an actor, television host, producer and writer. But, magic is always his constant, finding its way into all aspects of his life and career. 

Jonathan has hosted shows for a variety of networks including THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL, THE SCIENCE CHANNEL, VH-1, THE BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL, EQUATOR HD and the FINE LIVING NETWORK. As an actor, he has starred on shows for NBC, ABC, NETFLIX, USA, and FOX.

Levit continues to develop and produce scripted and unscripted projects for television and film.

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